Where to study?

Where to study?

Let a little background.

About emotions. Obtain somewhere video concerts of famous guitarists. Turn it on, close your ears/turn off the sound and watch. Not raskachenny hall and not on overinsurance in the hands of masters. The faces look. Mood music vividly conveys the emotions of the musician. And not music affects the contractor, and the contractor makes to their offspring their feelings. And most importantly, to feel what you play. You agree with me? Yes? Well, then I’ll start.

I will tell you about a music school. About the so-called «Musicali». The average duration of training (guitar skill) — five years. In most cases, graduate MS understanding of music and skill game dramatically lower than that of «Amateur»playing the e five years. The paradox? Nope. The reason is simple. There is such a thing as «muzykalkah» chart. I’m not talking about hours of work with the student. On another graph, is much more terrible.

so. If You say that MS is generally useless nonsense — don’t believe. Or rather know what to believe. Of course there is a lot to learn. However, in 95% of cases, becoming a student of MS, You will get to «teacher» (they are exactly called), which will be cut and sanded, leading to certainty. As a result, the individuality and originality of musician gradually converging to zero And this is wow, as bad! If You are lucky and Your master is in no way hinders You pray to him, talk about him to other guitar players Your level. In MS Your level establishes a work plan (the worst schedule), so it perlak. Free masters only Your ambition, talent and effort in control of Your skill game. Of course, in the second case, You will be much freer in his work.

I graduated from MS and was dissatisfied. I was 14 years old, but only in the fourth year, I realized that I had screwed myself (ahem, unpleasant feeling, believe me =)). After graduation I had some aversion to the guitar. Then I continued classes (after watching Beck, anime is), one independently. My issue was about two hundred musicians. Those who continued to play and the tool can be counted on the fingers of two hands and one foot. On the booze in honor of the end of MS first toast was: «For what we have finally tachlis» Room shook from the jubilation I still didn’t understand. Right now, understood. MS turned art in torment Here and the cultivation of the younger generation.


Teacher: what was that?» In music there is no such thing.
-I: Well, I think it’s better, it’s a simple piece, I wanted to improvise.
Teacher: So, you don’t think, you play as written. To improvise one will be here don’t you bend some But improvisation — Oh, what a difficult thing.

Students will perform music of «pure», not missing a single note, sitting, as it should be. Without any show of fear, and excitement, no feelings. And all think it is called the game without errors. Emotionless, unfeeling music is the biggest mistake!!! In the end, the musician sounds like guitarpro. Theory should serve for the sake of music and not to complicate and confuse musician. Remember Babicora? When asked whether he knows musical notation, he replied: «not so good that it prevented me to play» (I think this website has been written about this, but here it is very appropriate).
Think how foolish it is to obtain estimates for the art! It is one thing to hear from his master: «Wow, it’s played! Well the hammer, five points just great!». It is quite another thing at the end of the week to stand in front of «teacher» and hear something like: «I am satisfied. Monday — five, Monday — to-five, Monday — five you’re the Only one don’t run anywhere, we go on schedule, everything is fine. Don’t strive for this forward work plan.»

You understand? Evaluation standardise any creativity, turning musicians into the standouts. That is, in the «thugs»who have completed the program as it should be Not so, how could. Sorry.

do Not expect that you can even learn something yourself. Just find someone who is somehow familiar with the instrument better than You. Can be a little like the same music school. Find yourself a wizard, he can stay longer, call a friend-gitaroo or buy the book.

I told You my story. My attitude towards it, I also expressed. But make your own conclusion.

Author: Dmitry Grishin