Where missing picks

Where missing picks

Where missing picksCertainly, every one of you faced with the problem of finding the missing mediators… For some it’s not a problem, but the habitual everyday activity, without which it is impossible to live. But some it’s just annoying and out. People spend hours looking for the mediators, remembering where they were last seen alive. In this article I will try to tell you how to deal with these evil mediators and where you have to find them.

As you know, mediator – this is a piece of plastic. Also all know that this ordinary piece of plastic has an amazing ability to disappear at the most inopportune moment. As it happens? Science considers 2 theory:

1)Mediatory takes some guitar evil, which sometimes comes to hitruga in guests. By the way, this is the most evil also upsets the guitar at night, and sometimes leaving greasy fingerprints on the guitar.
2)Mediator disappears spontaneously. Well here was…up and disappeared. And it happens.

What this methods is more fair, no one knows, but scientists have published the following data: «at least once in a lifetime mediator has lost all guitarists, and at least once in life they found him. Don’t you think it mysterious? There definitely is something fishy. Let’s try to understand where they disappear. Here are just some of the more common habitats of mediators:

1. Mouth guitarist. Usually after half an hour search of the mediator suddenly remember that he at you in the mouth…
2. Table guitarist. It so happens that the mediator is lying on the table, most often face. Sometimes it can be found under a pile of magazines and books.
3. On the carpet. Particularly hard to find mediators, situated on the carpet, especially if the color and pattern of the carpet similar to the coloring of the mediator. The search task is complicated as possible. Typically, these mediators then taken out of the vacuum cleaner, or they disappear forever!
4. Under the keyboard. Who doesn’t like to play without looking at guitarpro? This is the reason…
5. In a pocket. It happens that the guitar goes to a party and takes a couple of mediators, which puts it in his pocket. As usual in memory is not delayed.
6. In the washing machine. Often they find there.
7. In the books. When you don’t have a bookmark, use mediators. Sometimes they come out in notebooks.
8. From a friend. Follows from claim 5. Usually at parties and they are forgotten.
9. In the piano. Those guitarists that while playing the guitar trying to find the piano, forget the mediators with the lid closed.
10. On the bed. Science could not explain how there are mediators.
11. In the boot. Sometimes they get there to warm up.
12. In the toilet. I don’t know why some like to play in the lavatory, but the presence of a mediator in this area is proven.
13. In the guitar. Owners acoustic guitars know what it is… Usually the mediator falls into the deck. Guitarist decides to remove it next time…well, then of course he forgets where he is.
14. In a pot with flowers. Believe it or not, but the cases were. Probably is y guitarists-nerds.
15. In a beer bottle. I think he’s not going to pass? I thought so too, until, until he found his mediator in an empty beer bottle, which already wanted to throw.
16. In the guitar case. Often during a rave party, there pulling the mediator, that he was not lost, and then forget it there.

these are just some of the possible places where you can find a lost mediator.

If you can’t find your mediator – check it in the places described above. Perhaps there:).
Where missing picks

Author: Awakener