What should be the guitar to play rock

What should be the guitar to play rock

Dear beginner guitarist!

Maybe you have not bought a tool and can look out for a new guitar to replace the old plywood? If so, then I advise you to read the rules by which you will choose present (true) guitar and become a real gitaryi. Only then you will submit to Guitarism!

Guitar – it is a symbol of rock, waste and neobychainoi coolness. If the scene you are going to play on the right (true) guitar, all will understand that you’re a real guitarist. Glory, honor and attention of the public is ensured.

this is a rock guitar!There are a bunch of articles on how to choose a guitar. I tell you, my friend, it’s not what you need! All these articles created for nerds and those who do not gets in steep rock.
I’ll tell you what won’t tell anyone else. That’s what is important when choosing a guitar.

so, what should be the guitar.
1. The guitar should be black. Everything else – it’s pathetic imitations of this tool. The color of the guitar should be the only one! What I hope you already understand.

2. The strings of the guitar should be as thick as possible. If you bought the guitar with thin strings, immediately order thick and install them. Remember, thin strings only play pop music. Those who can’t actually give a real rock content miserable pelicane thin is good!

3. The guitar should not be acoustic. Acoustic guitar played by Gopnik and green beginners, singing obscene ditties. There are, of course, acoustic guitar with a bow. It’s rare items inherited from grandmothers, and should be treated with due respect, however, in public don’t come with them. Remember! Only on electric guitar play rock! Everything else – pop.

4. The guitar should be firm Fender or Gibson, or at least Ibanez. If you do not have enough money for these brands, buy simpler, but be sure to glue the label with the name of a famous brand! Jackson, by the way, too.

5. The sensors on the guitar should only be active. Only they can play Metallica and other real rock! If you bought a guitar with passive zuccani – vykruchivat them and buy active. If you have a strata and are singles – close their hand at the game, so no one could see, or do not believe that you’re cool guitarist and capable of delivering a powerful rock sound.

6. The guitar should not be very strong. If in ecstasy, you want the scene to smash his guitar, as do real gitaryi, everything should go smoothly, and the guitar should scatter into pieces. Only then will understand how you’re cool and that you really play drive rock.

7. Fingerboard fingerboard is also important. So it must be exclusively black.

8. The fittings. As you probably already guessed, the fittings should be darker. If the hardware is not black – precrash it! Otherwise, you will not get the fatal sound.

9. Strings should not be pruned. They should hang from pegs like a mullet. Only then all will know that you truly are cut in the rock and not persecute Galimov pop music.

10. The strap and the guitar should be black. It should show off the label of the manufacturer of your guitar, but not all freaky badges and stripes. Real (true) rockers don’t like any tragoudia.

I Hope these tips will help you in the difficult choice of tool and the formation of a broad guitarist.
Author: Awakener