Tuning your guitar

Tuning your guitar

The most difficult task faced by the guitarist – this is the configuration of the tool. Due to the fact that the development of a sense of sound takes a lot of time, I would recommend to buy for the beginning, an electronic tuner to tune the guitar. It is not expensive, and will help significantly. Buying a tuner, ask the seller how to use it, what are the buttons for that answer. Let the seller will show it in action.

it is Important to understand that not configuring the instrument properly, it will be impossible to play.
If you already have any musical experience, you can tune the guitar by ear. The main thing is to tune the first string. This can be done using a tuning fork or audio files that are here. You can also set a customized guitar. Question: where can I get tuned guitar? From any song… Turn on Nothing Else Matters, listen to the melody and tune the guitar on it. There just in the beginning are played almost all strings open (not locked on any fret).

How to configure:

First string, sandwiched on the fifth fret, tuned in unison (i.e. in the same sound) with fork «La» (440 Hz).
Second string, sandwiched on the fifth fret should sound in unison with open (not pressed) first.
Third on the fourth fret with the second.
Fourth on the fifth fret on the third.
Fifth on the fifth fret with the fourth.
Sixth on the fifth fret with the fifth.

you Can tune the guitar using any MIDI editor (such as GuitarPro). You just need to choose the note that corresponds to the sound of the open strings and tweak it to get the same sound. This procedure should be repeated for all strings.

in Addition, there are many programs-Adjusters, but to work with them need the guitar to connect to your PC sound card or use the microphone (for acoustic guitars). These programs determine the frequency of vibration of the string and compare with need. Program suggest that we need to do is tighten or loosen the string.