The use of sound effects in songs (pitch shifter)

The use of sound effects in songs (pitch shifter)

The article is addressed to those who like to build himself on the floor with chains of pedals and processors and fans something new in terms of sound.

Pitch Shifter, which will be discussed, stands alone. The fact that all the effects in one form or another has existed since the 60s and 70s. They evolved, but not essential.

All kinds of harmonizer also quite comfortably coexisted in the model number of different manufacturers, but for a long time due to some technical difficulties was not realized pitch shifter with a controller that controls the shift of tone in real time.

Digitech Whammy was the first and most popular pedal reproducing this effect. At the moment there are more or less successful realization in different models of processors(Line 6, Digitech…).

Now to practice. The easiest and most frequent way of using effects – a shift in the tone one octave(12 semitones ) up. Such a scenario is very typical of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dave Martone and many others.

Sample 1

similarly, you can build unusual melodies on the basis of simple moves. This will require some skill in the game, because in addition to hands involved leg, but in General, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Sample 2

the Most interesting way of using this effect – the intonation of the notes, making mewing, conversational tone notes. To reproduce these sounds need to lower the pedal to the floor about half(similar prebenda) and then, abruptly, simultaneously with removing the notes of the mediator to return the pedal to its original position. You can add to the sound mediator flageolet, for more squeals and noises. Also, additional color you can give active articulation pedal.

Sample 3

and finally, for example – fragment of a melody from my instrumental compositions Shift played with the effect.

Sample 4

the Full version you can listen at this link:

Author: Alexei Skowronski