The device acoustic guitar

The device acoustic guitar

in order to learn to play the guitar you need to know how it works. Let’s look at the device guitars for example acoustic guitar.

Device acoustic guitar

1. The top nut. The strap in the upper part of the neck, which does not allow the strings to vibrate. Strings are the pegs into the holes, passing through the slots in the nut.

2. The upper deck. The front of the body of the guitar.

3. The headstocks. The upper part of the neck, which are mounted pins. On the head often like to place their logos manufacturers.

4. The fretboard. Long wooden item, fixed to the casing, lined with strings. On the neck is placed a nut frets.

5. The pickup. Electromagnetic device for converting acoustic vibrations into electrical current.

6. Chopping. Several mechanisms (usually six), providing increasing or decreasing the tension of the strings.

7. Peg belt. Metal pin, to which is attached one end of the strap.

8. The casing. The most voluminous part of the guitar, which consists of the upper deck, lower deck and shell. The housing is attached to the neck.

9. Frets. The metal nut on the fingerboard fingerboard. Are perpendicular to the direction of pull of the strings.

10. The bottom peg. A metal pin for fastening the other end of the strap.

11. Switch pickups. With this switch you can select active pickup.

12. Stand. The tailpiece is used to secure the strings on deck.

13. Connector. This connector joins a cable to connect the guitar to the amplifier.

14. The volume and timbre. Knob to change the volume of sound of the guitar and frequency characteristics.

15. The lever (only guitar). Tremolo — metallic handle for changing the tension of the strings by clicking on it.

Every guitarist should know what are the names of these elements of the guitar, so I advise you to remember them.