Scheme of passes

Scheme of passes

At the request of visitors to the website will have a short overview on guitar chording. This lesson is designed for guitarists, more or less mastered the guitar.

What is a search?

the Word speaks for itself – this is the shuffling of the strings with the right hand (right-handed) in a certain sequence. A certain alternative to battle. The similarity to fight only one thing: the Robin, too, there is a standard schema.

the Execution of the search can be carried out mediatron and fingers of his right hand.

I will Give an example of the brute force:
G |—0——-0-|—0——-0-|
D |————-|-2————|
A |-3————|————-|
E |————-|————-|

I Think playing mediatron, here no one gets confused.

How to play it with your fingers?

Usually in the search for 4-th, 5-th and 6-th string meets the thumb, but not necessarily! For the 3rd string meets index, 2nd – middle and the 1st – unnamed (again, this is just a standard scheme).

picture a simple search, as you can see, on the first three strings is repeated. From beat to beat changes only the performance of the bass strings. The whole Robin takes two clock cycles. Then he repeats. If the chord lasts no longer than a clock cycle, then it is better to play only one step from this search.

like this:
G |—0——-0-|—2——-2-|
D |————-|————-|
A |-3————|-0————|
E |————-|————-|

But in General, for each chord, regardless of the schema of the search, as bass use a string (depends on playing the melody). For example, for a D chord does not use the 6th string only because it will be ugly sound. Usually use the 4th.

technique: playing with your fingers, your hand should not ride. Moving only the fingers. The hand can be placed on the bridge, or put it on the sixth string, if it is not used. You will encounter difficulties, please contact the forum or leave your comments here.

so it remains to introduce you to a few other standard schemes searches:
G |—0—0—0—0-|—0—0—0—0-|
D |——————|-2—————|
A |-3—————|——————|
E |——————|——————|

G |——-0-|——-0-|
D |———|-2——-|
A |-3——-|———|
E |———|———|

E |———0——-|
B |——-1—1——|
G |——0——-0—|
D |—2————2-|
A |-3—————|
E |——————|

About the previous scheme a little more…

Here we slightly deviated from the standard. The fourth string is played with the index finger. 3rd – middle 2nd – nameless and 1-I – the little finger. Here is where the difficulties may arise in the majority of guitarists. Usually the little finger of the few plays. But you the main thing do not give up! More training and do it!

the Game too much, for starters, you can try on this song:

Aria — Careless angel






it combines several types of attacks. Usually do: combine multiple schemas in one. Play the song one filthy brute force – it is both ugly and boring. The more diversity – the better! Most importantly do not get confused:)