Play chords

Play chords

so you’ve decided to learn to play the guitar. After setting the hands, landing and other organizational issues, you can learn to play your first chord. Why most beginners start to play the chords? Because, knowing at least a few chords, you can play the fight song, spending on training just a few days. But, man, who never took the guitar in his hands, not always play the chord correctly: you don’t sound all strings that sound, but not the same 🙂 But still, try to understand the basic principles and techniques of playing the chords.

chord – is a consonance of 2 or more sounds. Playing simple, basic chords you will have to hold the left hand 2-3 strings, and a few open strings are also included in the chord.

For example, let’s take the most common chord Am. Hold down the first fret of the second string with the index finger, second fret of the third and fourth strings nameless and middle, respectively. In the chord Am involved 5 strings – 2, 3, 4 – tight, and 1, 5 – open. Swipe right hand on the strings and you will hear a minor chord. Minor, so sad tone, as a rule, these chords at the end is a letter “m”: Am, Dm, Em.

How need to keep your left hand when you hold the chord. The main and one of the most common mistakes a beginner guitarists is the position of the thumb. He must be leaning against the perpendicular in the middle of the fingerboard on the reverse side, not the bow on top of him. When playing guitar for clamping the chords are not using your thumb, so if you hold it wrong, you will not be able to hold 5, 6 string with the little finger and ring finger. The thumb always rests in the middle of the fingerboard, and serves as a stop for the left hand, and not to keep the guitar at the neck.

in order To properly clamp the string on the right fret, phalanx of a finger should be placed perpendicular to the fingerboard fingerboard and clamping the string is not of a finger, and the tip. If clamping of the strings with the fingertips, then the lower strings will be muted and will not be played in the chord. At first you will experience pain in the fingertips, but with time, formed calluses and play will not hurt.

Another tip when the clamping of the chord. Clamping is better closer to the nut fret, then attached less effort, and the chord sounds cleaner. Once you learn how to put and play the chords separately need to learn how to rearrange each other. Moving from chord to chord, you should quickly change the position of the fingers in the new chord, so when studying plays chords, pay attention not only gripping, but quick production of left hand fingers on the guitar neck.

For starters, you can learn the following combinations of chords:
1) Am-Dm-E-Am
2) C-G7-C
3) Dm-Am-E-Am

Knowing these chords, you can already set the motif of the basic major and minor comps. Various combinations of guitar chords that you can find anywhere for your favorite songs.

Now a few words about playing Barre chords. Welcome Barre – this is when you pinch one finger more than two strings on the same fret. For example, one of the most common chords – F – played this technique. To put the F chord, hold down all the strings on the first fret with the index finger, third string on the second fret of the medium, and the fourth and fifth string at the third fret with the little finger and ring respectively.

the most difficult Thing in the game Barre-chords – that sounded all the strings and it was not muted notes. Typically, the index finger just does not want to hold all the strings, and therefore novice guitarists put a lot of force to stop such chords. But that was not necessary. The main thing is just to put your index finger on fret. For starters train clamping Barre only one finger, so it sounded all strings. The finger is on the edge, and the joints of the fingers should not fall on the strings. If you will have a finger pad down, not the edge, it will bend and again, not all strings will sound. In order to understand how best to put your finger, you can imagine the mood rises above the fingerboard of the neck a few inches, now, try to put the edge of the index finger in «angle» between the fingerboard and fret. In the game the main chords – this practice. Practice in setting and changing chords regularly, until it will reach automaticity.