One unusual day in the life of an ordinary guitar

One unusual day in the life of an ordinary guitar

And the long-awaited dawn. Timid Moscow sun, mirrored in the snowless landscape, slipped on the shop window «Guitar of your dreams». For local inhabitants each new day brings new hope of finding a cool host, because each of guitars considers itself unique. Of course, it is! Just remember, as famously played on their electronic friends group the Beatles!

brand New guitars from this elite store also wanted unrestrained to issue a delightful sounds, from which roared all the fans around the world. «Rock and other musical formations in Moscow — thousands, but why no one wants me to buy?!» sadly thought Carvin AC 50 looking at your shiny new case, which policial in the sun, and on nucleco with the price, which, at least so thought the guitar was decent for such a masterpiece. Next was the sister — Carvin AC 50 that fueled not less hope of finding the coolest and funkiest rock musician. Recently bought the same model and now every dawn guitar strings were filled with a special hope. So, now, 9.00, store opening. Stale fat, which is absolutely nothing about the music, standing casually walked to the door and turned off the alarm. Long live the new day and new hope!

This and lived the entire population of the shop, which was the best guitars, and they really had a lot. But how can the buyer choose their own, the same? Of course, to play on it! Vasya and only dreamed that someone will take it and play something sort of surprising the owner of the shop. Epiphone El Segundo razmyshlyala about how good it is, because yesterday mega-star rock music went to the store, PICKED IT up AND STARTED PLAYING! Novibra still Ibanez AEB10BK. Different tastes in people. However, the rockers and no one is angry, but if there are some Popovica slush and tries to play the melody on the bass Getrag(!), it’s just the end. And worst of all, they are going to say: «guitar-then you, yourself.». And doesn’t understand pop music that they are intended for rock, for masterpieces, but not for songs on the day. Eh, boring would be the guitars without rockers at all. But new Carvin AC 40 never become discouraged. She always knew that she would find that very freaky and funky rocker that will make the audience roar with delight!

Time in the evening, the shop window is visible, as it is snowing. And this is the first snow in January. Oh! And the first client today! It noted, however, does not notice it was impossible: stately gait, chain, black «paint» Yes IT’s a ROCKER! And he goes straight to the store! We all have a strange feeling — and what with his guitar? Broke in a fit of passion?! But this all instantly forgotten as soon as the bell announces the arrival of the client. All guitars were waiting, each hoping for a miracle! Rocker, pushing the hand of the owner of the shop, he walked to the Windows and for a long time looked at the guitar. It seems an incredibly long time. He came over and held it in his hands..and BACH — handed-string guitar. «I Take it!» said rocker, and then all guitars began to ask each other: «Who is this? Who so lucky?» In the last rays of the sun all managed to make out the inscription on the body of the guitar in the hands of the buyer: Carvin AC 40. Yes, a brand new Carvin AC 40, which believed in a miracle and it came true! The noise of the cash register, a crooked smile seller, slamming the door, and another frustrated day for the rest of the guitars.

the Shop was closed, the owner goes and guitar again remain. But not Carvin AC 40! She began suddenly and quickly. Her new owner laid them carefully on the back seat of the car and singing something, think of Kish, started the car and raced off into the distance. Carvin AC 40 all the way wondered, where do they go? The garage? Home? Friends? Guitar liked how it turned this man, and she had long wanted to really PLAY. Not just the melody, and the MUSIC, real! And then the car stopped abruptly, interrupting the thoughts of the guitar.

Dima (guitar heard as it was called) took her and whispered: this is your debut! The case remained in the car, and eyes predstave full of people! They were everywhere, it was just a stunner! Yes, they will burn, and it’s a guitar, it will never let you down, because a rock concert — the pinnacle of what you can get!