Lesson 4. tapping

Lesson 4. tapping

Generally, in the «alternative» is rarely used tapping, but on this topic I could not miss, so let’s work?

I can tell you how you can easily, and most importantly fashionable to use tapping.

first how to do it: hold your finger left hand any fret on any string (preferably above the 12th fret somewhere on the 3rd string – producing sound better, especially if overdrive or distortion),and then finger of the right hand (nail or the edge of a mediator) strike the string. Retrieved music clamped Lada left hand and the right — they quickly replace each other. But this way we extract only two different notes, to extract three or more need to use Pull Off the left hand.

How to apply: under the sound of the chord, for example, Am, can clamp the left hand of any string note and A right on the same string, quickly hit the note or E — after all, these notes are in the chord Am. The main thing is not to let the left hand and the right to freely run on these notes (pressing and quickly letting go). This is the simplest description of the use of tapping, there are also two-handed tapping, but you first need to learn the normal — above. This is not a difficult technique of playing the guitar, but sounds very impressive — especially for the ear «not gitarista»…

I wrote GP-example to reinforce the lesson. In this very simple example, I showed how to use tapping, here are four of the chord, for each of them I quickly sorted out by three notes (forming part of this chord, harmony) by tapping and Pull Off’. Note that the acoustic guitar has a standard structure, and on which the notes move (solo) under each chord.

Attached files: Tapping.gp4

Author: Lucifer