Lesson 2. octaves and how to handle them

Lesson 2. octaves and how to handle them

General octave occupy a very large place in the alternative, if you take a look at the tablature guitar with different bands playing alternative, you can often see such a picture:

Example of play octaves

What it is, I will tell you.

Anyone else heard the song «spiders» System Of A Down? This iconic song and an example of unsurpassed talent in this group! In this song they use a large number of changing octaves. It is easy to see, if you play their songs or listening to this album, playing different games. The song «Spiders» is definitely the best example of the use of octaves. Remember there solo sounds cool and kind of difficult — in fact it «childish» easy, and this effect is created the use of octaves. In alternative octave is usually on the 5th and 3rd strings, or 4-2, respectively. As clamping octave: index finger hold for example the 5th fret of the fifth string, we clutched the note D, then without releasing the index finger to hold down the little finger to the 7th fret on the 3rd string, it also has the notes D, only an octave wise-th string will be ignored, as it will violate our octave, because we need to hit the 5th and 3rd string at the same time, with the mediator it is impossible to do without hurting the 4th string, then stop it. This is the octave. On distortion if you play it a tremolo, it sounds interesting and aggressive(a La «spiders»). In order «Drop» it is usually used with «open Quint»-ie 6-I 5-I Otkrytoye to hit the 6th and 5th strings and then the octave on the 5th fret (5th string and the 7th fret of the 3rd string),practice — experiment, try octave on other frets. And in solo they usually play tremolo — as in «spiders».

I wrote a couple of guitar parts in GuitarPro-to better understand the material that I posted above. All this material I invented is neither some kind of plagiarism.

Attached files:
AltschoolLucifer1.gp4 is a way to use octaves with reefs in the operation Drop-there’s a couple of sketches.
AltschoolLucifer2.gp4 is the time of my next song demonstrates the use of octaves as accompaniment.
AltschoolLucifer3.gp4 is also a part of my next song demonstrates the use of octaves as a solo item.
AltschoolLucifer4.gp4 — I quickly sketched this thing to demonstrate the use of octaves as the main solo
AltschoolLucifer5.gp4 is a piece of my composition, where the octaves are used on acoustic guitars (in the introduction),lotion (in the chorus) and two guitars in the main part-in General, the entire song is built on octaves…right in the introduction.. verse.. and the chorus…

P.S. I’ve put these GP files in GP4 format,because it might not all have Guitar Pro 5.

Author: Lucifer