Lesson 1. operation drop d

Lesson 1. operation drop d

Standard classical system 6 string guitar it (starting with 1) E_B_G_D_A_E. This is the highest (by key) array of generally accepted, although there is a jazz structure «open E (E_B_G#_E_B_E), it is even higher — but this system does not concern us, we are here not jazz will explore:-)

the alternative is often used «Drop», this system differs from the standard only stretch the 6th string, ie E_B_G_D_A_D. But the order which I have just named more correctly be called a «Drop D’ as the 6th string is built in note D. For example, the building ’Drop C — D_A_F_C_G_C, as you can see it’s the same «Drop D», but only lowered the tone.

For example Slipknot play «Drop B», System of a Down used to play «Drop C»,and now use the «Drop C#»,Psyche plays «Drop B» etc
“But why does this Drop?”you may ask. As is well known in rock music, most commonly in heavy riffs, and not only used Quint. In standard tuning it is necessary to hold at least two fingers, for example the 6th string third fret and 5th fifth fret. And when we drop the 6th string to the tone, you two advantages:

1) Increases the range of available notes on the guitar, but rather on two notes.
2) the Fifth now you can hold with one finger.
Drop really helps in «fast» the reefs, when it playfully jumping cuentame on the 6th and 5th string.

I wrote GP-example to demonstrate how to «fast» the best reefs Drop operation. Here two guitars — one configured in » Drop D” and the second is configured simply in D. the Difference will understand when you see and hear. The reef there is not very complicated, but it is possible and that may be more difficult to come up with that without Drop and will not play.

by the Way the system Drop best, perhaps, in the alternative, as almost all of the chips of the alternatives are based on the system Drop. Although there are many alternative bands that use Drop — the most famous of them — Coap.

Attached files: Drop.gp4

Author: Lucifer