Learn to play fight guitar

Learn to play fight guitar

In this lesson describes the most popular types of rhythmic patterns. Rhythmic pattern — this scheme, which plays right arm: move the strings up, down, muting strings, etc. Such drawings will help you at the very beginning of learning to play the guitar, and then just forget about them… for each song of your right hand will compose the fight.

you can Start with to learn one of standartnaha and popular rhythmic patterns. His record looks as shown below:

Simple boy

Six horizontal lines, as is not difficult to guess, six strings of the guitar. The bottom line is the sixth string (the thickest). Up arrow means that you need to hit all the strings down. I prefer to hit the strings with the nails of four fingers (excluding the thumb). Next is a group of two arrows up and down. I.e. after you hit the strings down, you stand a little pause, and then hit down and then the thumb lead from the first string to the sixth from the bottom up. This is followed by another short pause. Then again with his thumb upwards, hitting the strings down and again with his thumb up. Pause should not be too long, they should not be felt when playing. With a little practice, you will be able tonight to play most of the songs. However it’s just a standard rhythmic pattern. Most often it is complicated, such as muting the strings on the second and third blows down. This is done the upper part of the palm, when your hand comes down on the strings.

For training can play this song:

DDT — What Is Autumn

Am E Am A A7 Dm
What autumn is the sky. Crying sky under your feet.
Dm6 G C F Dm E7 Am
In puddles birds fly with the clouds. Autumn — I have been with thee was not.
( Dm Am E Am)
In puddles birds fly with the clouds. Autumn — I have been with thee was not.

Am Am/C Dm E7 Am Am/C Dm E7
Autumn, in the sky burn the ships. Autumn, I would be away from the earth.
Dm E7 Am/C Am/H Am F Dm F E7
where in the sky sinks pecs-al — autumn dark horizon.
G Dm E)
What is the fall — it rocks. Loyalty above blackish Neva.
Autumn suddenly reminded soul about the main thing — fall, I again deprived of rest.

What is the autumn wind. Again plays a ragged chain.
Autumn will doppeltem will Boletim whether to answer:
What will happen with the homeland and with us?
Autumn will doppeltem will Boletim whether before dawn,
Autumn, what will it be tomorrow with us?
Chorus 2

Melts flock to the city in the mist, autumn, what did I know about you?
How many will be torn foliage — autumn forever right.

This song is best played with muting the strings on the second and third blows down. One chord is played usually within one rhythmic figure or two. I.e. squeezed chord Am, lost just studied the battle once, then clamp E, once again play a rhythmic pattern. Then again goes chord Am, but we have to play two times and so on