If you lost guitar

If you lost guitar

Try to imagine that one horrible day you suddenly lost his only guitar! No matter how its broke, stole, hid… You were alone! Alone… well, not counting a loved one, a bunch of relatives, friends, colleagues, comrades, but no one will let you play on his good nerves, so the loss really collosally!!! You nenachodili a place, tearing the Wallpaper on the walls, banging our heads against the ceiling and in the hearts break favorite of dad’s collection of beer steins. Life stopped (well at least after a nice conversation with the victim dad you seem)… And it will stand until you get a new guitar. But vague doubts suggest that it will not soon!!! Not soon! Should go well, not less than one week until you again embrace with newly minted six-stringed friend.

God forbid, knock on wood, all vicepresidencia suddenly have to feel you!!! After a week of loneliness can be such cases do… At this time you need emergency assistance, autotraining if you want. So rather listen below tips…

First of all try to calm down… you Can drink some laxative that somehow distracted. Do not allow yourself to panic! Panic punks, but you’re not punk… You are a true rocker! You can ask to link your hands. Otherwise mediatron you can thread he scratch you up, because the hands will not order, it’s not heart!!! Hands in the coffin will play! (the couple somehow turned gloomy)

But in principle it’s not so bad!! (sometimes the deception is the best medicine) Here are some arguments that the loss of guitars – this is not only a deadly tragedy, but on the contrary – step into the future!!

If you are left without IT, then:

*** you are Now a free man! No need to buy HER expensive clothes (strings), to pay more attention, if SHE is upset, upset over the slightest scratch on HER perfect figure. Your mood is no longer dependent on HER whims.

*** You suddenly noticed that your apartment is still such a cool thing, like a computer!! Now you can sit for hours on guitar forums, visit the official websites of your favorite Rock bands, download Amatrice and many more interesting.

*** the Place where once stood SHE, now freely! Here it is – stag gituh!! Bring someone Ghosh: the lute, the flute, fortepiano, drum… Here is current not one of HER black sleeve will not be so well to sit, as he sat there… 🙁 Damn, let’s not be sad about!

*** Trips to music stores in search of the next beauty became more frequent. A great opportunity to breathe clean, fresh, urban air!

*** Well, just now you have a huge pile of free time! Spend it on a trip out of town… at the cottage, in the garden, somewhere… for a week.

And after a week the bullet go back into the city, rush to the store and buy IT!!! Because no arguments will not help you for a long time alone…

After that you can calm down, catch your breath and find the bastard that broke, stole, put away your former girlfriend, and four-string him «Shine». And do not be afraid of their revenge, because the Judge – the correct person: he probably also not indifferent to guitarisma!!! You will meet!

Author: Clay