How to change picks every day

How to change picks every day

How to change picks every day Certainly, if you come by here, you thought, «there’s some stuff on the Internet» or something. Need to disabuse you from the very beginning. I am not going to explain how you can get the mediator of a cool company for free. I will explain how to make it with your own hands. Meaning, you have their efforts make the mediator. No there is no slack, but to do this thing is not very difficult for instructions.

First, you select the material for his new mediator. Your main objective in this matter, that he was strong, not brittle. If you do not have enough imagination (and this happens at all), then I recommend you to take the card to log on to the Internet, cell phones). I’m not going to do advertising, but one bad publicity can (only on the quality of the cards, as the cards MTU-inform, Beeline, MegaFon is not suitable for such methods. Choose cards that are composed entirely of plastic, instead of partially plastic, partially paper.

Chose the material, you can now go directly to cut them out of the material you have prepared. When cutting it is best to first draw that will be cut. So you have a very old mediator, it is necessary to outline the material you selected, and only after this cut. If you do not have at all mediators, and to play them hunting very, that is another way. In any search engine, type the word mediator, and view pictures that there will be, for sure, that there will be the mediator in all its magnitude. You only have to print it out or copy monitor with thin paper.

it only Remains to give some advice. Tip one: you need when cutting be sure to use safety scissors with rounded at the end, because otherwise it will not be precisely cut. Tip two: if you are tired of mediators same shape, then you can change it right at the stroke of a pen, pencil, well, so what you draw. Tip three: change the material thickness, as the thickness of the mediator affects the sound even thicker, the lower the sound, the thinner, the better the sound.

Well, almost everything! guidelines and tips are given. Now it all depends on your desire to make the mediator. But after making you a large number of mediators according to this method, you can change the mediators, at least every day!!!!!

Author: R. of Sabotin