Development speed

Development speed

the First thing to remember is the speed comes not to the one who chases after her, and to whoever it wants.

the first rule for anyone who wants to play fast play SLOW! And always under the metronome.

the Thing is that when you play slowly get a whole bunch of time in order to carefully control their game, movement of the hands of the mediator. You should understand what is being done, it was then out of practice you can get the maximum effect.

Actually slow the game teaches hand muscles to work in the given direction, as if «programs». No need to strain, because it is accurate and free movements of the secret to the speed of the game.

to Do can (and should) on a variety of passages, scales and exercises. But we take for example the simplest option chromatic scale. This will allow us not to be distracted heavily on fingering, and concentrates on the movements.

Development skorosti

Basic problems for novice guitarists — the lack of synchronization of the hands, and incorrect work of the right hand. The bulk of the problems deliver it.

not working with a brush, fingers, incorrect formulation of the hands of the mediator. Hence the «dirty» variable stroke and incorrect muting strings when playing «palm mute».

It should be avoided in the game, and if you have already purchased a vicious technique, it is necessary to fix it. To fix, of course, more difficult than to learn at first, but possible.

so, set the metronome at 50 BPM and start playing the scale one note at a time to the metronome beat.

now pay attention:

1. The left hand should hold the desired note slightly before or simultaneously with the impact of the mediator. It is here that requires precise synchronization of the hands.

2. Pledge clean and fast game — accurate and economical technique of playing mediator. No need to pull strings, if it is the last note in your life. On the overloaded sound compression level such that the difference between strong and weak shock is almost unheard of. This does not mean you have «stroke» strings, but also to wail on him that there is strength makes no sense. Pinch the mediator should be sufficient to ensure that the string is sounded. The amplitude of movements should be minimal.

3. When playing the right hand should not touch other strings. Sound should only those notes that you play.

Managed to achieve a clean and smooth game? Increase the rate by 10 BPM and start from the beginning. The main thing here is not to speed things up, ensuring synchronization of the hands. The more times you will be able to play without errors, the better.

a couple of comments.

In my opinion to work out all these exercises are better on the clean sound, and the subsequent deliverance from the «dirt» hold on reloading. And be sure to analyze what is happening. If during the game you hear «dirt», stop and analyze what causes the unwanted overtones and work to improve. It will save you many hours of practice in alinashemale honest with yourself. After being fooled by the illusion itself is absolutely meaningless. Only in this case you will discover prospects for growth over himself. And after a couple months of regular practice you will notice progress.