Best beginners

Best beginners

How to play guitar

the Fingers and the palm of stress-cover guitar neck, not squeezing, and even without touching it. The thumb is located on the back of the neck, closer to its upper edge. Efforts fingers — index, middle, ring, sometimes the little finger is directed toward the thumb and should only be sufficient to compress the strings. When the deep sound of a chord is any string check, not whether it is not mutes whether a neighboring finger. Maybe the string is not pressed as to the neck, and should emphasize or, on the contrary, to ease the pressure. The ends of the fingers, holding the strings should be perpendicular to the fretboard. Therefore, long fingernails on his left hand is not needed.

you should Not pull the string with your finger to the edge of the fingerboard — it leads her mournful sound (although I like it). Place of pressing the strings should be to lower the nut fret. If neighboring chords have the same finger on the same fret and the string, that they may remain stationary, i.e. does not change when changing chords.

it is Very useful to listen to the chord separately each string and to achieve a reverberation sound. Often this voicing no because the adjacent finger or hand can muffle the sound. And only when jingle all the strings, you can play a chord.

do Not strain the hand and fingers in the chord, periodically relax them. Do not make sudden, convulsive movements — it is better to slow down the pace of games. May the hand flies from chord to chord. The first time the fingers of the left hand can be very tired and even ache. Don’t worry, eventually they’ll find a comfortable position in every chord, efforts to stop the strings will decrease, the skin on the fingertips will Zagrebel, play will be easy and pleasant, strings tingle. When changing chord immediately try to push the bass and after a moment to put on the strings rest of the fingers are such movement allows the hand to quickly change chords, free to accompany.

good luck in conquering the initial Guitarisma.