At what age is too late to start learning to play guitar

At what age is too late to start learning to play guitar

There is a misconception that it is good to learn to play the guitar can only be provided practice in early childhood. In the example to the young players who, for example, already 10 years playing complicated compositions, are winners of international competitions, etc. But it’s not in their young age, and that sometimes their experience of the game is 5 years old, and over this period, with due diligence and good teacher you can learn a lot.

Under the influence of the erroneous opinions have a similar dialogues with future disciples: «See, I have for many years. It may be too late to start.» — «how many do You?» — «18». But if you are not 18, then 25, 30, 35, many are hesitant to begin learning guitar. And the older a person is, the more doubt of the reality of the realization of his cherished goal – to play the guitar.

But judging by their teaching experience. Just people aged 16 years and above faster and better learn how to play guitar as a child. In adults it is more developed memory, attention, having responsibility for the deed they had begun, the ability to overcome adversity. Etc. etc. And above children may not always work.

Some difficulty in mastering guitar arise in people older than 50 years. They often lacking calisthenics, which is necessary for playing the guitar. But I had disciples and pre-retirement and retirement age, which has made good progress in the game, not giving youth. One thing that people are Mature enough age first lessons were given with great difficulty: the fingers are not accustomed to complex motor coordination, would not obey, but was held a month or two, and plastic movements of their hands would be the envy of any teenager.

to summarize, I can confidently say that age is not a hindrance for the start of classes on the guitar. Rather, the obstacle is lack of confidence, fear of starting something new, unfounded fears and doubts. But that is another subject of conversation.

Author: Grigoriev Vyacheslav
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