As you hold the Barre, or the power is there, the mind is not necessary

As you hold the Barre, or the power is there, the mind is not necessary

The complexity of taking Barre is one of the main obstacles beginner guitarists. In order to master this technique, many of us spend months, and sometimes just shove forever guitar, realizing that this task for them.

Try to figure out how to overcome Barre, but not as a proper technique, and with the positions of physical development. There will fully present the principle of “there is a Force – the mind is not necessary.

without going into such details of the development of hands, who better to show live on the lessons we can draw an analogy with the gym. So, people wanting to build muscle, comes to the gym, pushing once more in his hand, then puts it, after some time again comes up to her, grabs her, pushes, again raises. And so a few times per workout. Nakachatsya so muscles? First, there will be some increase in strength, but it may take a few workouts and aspiring athlete will understand that this approach to training is ineffective. Or he will guess himself, or he will tell, but he’s already one approach would be to do some lifting weights, from training to training, increasing the number of aftershocks.

And how come, if not all, many guitarists trying to learn Barre? Something to play simple chords, then clamp the chord at the Barre, then play simple chords. And so on. The total time of clamping Barre extremely little, and the hand is not pumped properly. This is very similar to the upstream sample with a novice lifter.

What, then exit from this situation? Hold down a chord on the Barre, which doesn’t happen with you, and keep up until he’s standing. When you feel that the hand starts to fall off, release the chord. And grip a chord with all the strength. Let some strings sound will not. Don’t pay first attention to it. Now that’s not the point. So will be a week or two, and maybe about a month, and you will realize that your hand is so strong that the clamping Barre does not cause difficulties.

Author: Grigoriev Vyacheslav
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