About guitar effects

About guitar effects

If there is a guitar, sooner or later, your hands will reach out to all kinds of guitar effects. Not so much, here are the most known:

1. Naturally, this Distortion (distortion). Different guitarists understand this word has a different sound – from a few eretailing to powerful distortion, similar to the sounds of a chainsaw.

2. Chorus. This effect simulates the simultaneous sounding of several guitars. If you increase the speed, you get something like tremolo.

3. Flanger/phase shift. These devices create a very interesting sound, similar to the effect of the flight, or even the sounds of the underwater world.

4. Digital delay. This is the effect of repetition of notes, reminiscent of echo.

5. The wah-wah pedal. This pedal is also called «wah». She is a frequency filter. The sound is very reminiscent of something like «wow-wow» (hence the name). The control by the sound by using the pedals.

6. Reverb. Gives the sensation of sound in the great hall.

7. Tremolo (tremolo). The effect of rapid changes in volume (but not height like vibrato)

it is Also necessary to say about the effects processor. Of course the use of the pedal separately is very convenient, but many guitarists prefer to use the processor, which is a set of guitar effects. Prices for such a thing from approximately $140 to $1500.